Turn Your Household Waste Into Cash

Turn Trash into Treasure: Make Money with Household Waste and Scrap Uncle!

Ever looked around your home and wondered what to do with all that accumulated "stuff"? We all generate waste, from empty plastic bottles to old electronics. But what if you could turn that clutter into cash? 

Scrap Uncle is here to help! They offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for getting rid of your household waste, all while putting some extra money in your pocket.

A list of items and their prices for scrap metal.

Here are some of the items and their prices:

  • Aluminium - RS 105/kg
  • Copper - RS 425/kg
  • Brass - RS 305/kg
  • Iron - RS 27/kg
  • Steel Utensils - RS 37/kg
  • Plastic - RS 10/kg
  • Cardboard - RS 8/kg
  • Newspaper - RS 13/kg
  • Office Paper (A3/A4) - RS 14/kg
  • Copies/Books - RS 10/kg

Note: The prices may vary with fluctuation in the scrap market. Prices may be different for bulk pickups. Call +91-8595358613 to get a quote for bulk pickup.

Here's the magic:

Effortless Pick-Up:

Scrap Uncle comes directly to your doorstep to collect your recyclables. No more lugging heavy bags to the recycling center!

Wide Range of Accepted Items:

They accept a variety of household waste items, including:
    * Plastic bottles
    * Old electronics
    * And more! (Check their local rates for a complete list)

Competitive Rates:

Scrap Uncle offers you the best value for your recyclables, ensuring you get a fair price.

Double the Benefit:

By choosing Scrap Uncle, you're not just making some extra cash. You're also contributing to a greener future!

Reduced Landfill Waste:

Recycling helps divert waste from landfills, reducing environmental impact.

Proper Recycling:

Scrap Uncle ensures your recyclables are processed correctly, promoting a more sustainable waste management system.
Ready to Get Started?

Head over to Scrap Uncle's website to see their local rates and full list of accepted items: [Scrap Uncle Local Rates]

Here is the link : Scrap Uncle 

Don't let your household waste pile up any longer. Turn it into cash and do your part for the environment with Scrap Uncle!

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