WhatsApp Enhances Polls and Captioned Sharing Features

WhatsApp Enhances Polls and Captioned Sharing Features

WhatsApp has introduced exciting updates to enhance user experience and improve communication within chats. The updates include improvements to polls and captioned sharing options.

New Updates to Polls:

1. Create Single-Vote Polls: Poll creators can now enable the single-vote option, allowing participants to vote only once.

2. Search for Polls in Chats: Easily find and access polls within chats by filtering messages, similar to searching for photos, videos, or links.

3. Stay Updated on Poll Results: Receive notifications when people vote on your polls and track the total number of votes.

To create a poll on WhatsApp:

1. Open the WhatsApp app and choose a chat.

2. On iOS, tap the plus icon (+) near the text box; on Android, tap the paperclip icon.

3. Select "Poll" from the options.

4. Enter your question and up to 12 answer options.

5. Tap "Send" to share the poll in the chat.

Users can then view and vote on the poll like any other message or image attachment in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Enhances Polls and Captioned Sharing Features

Forwarding with Captions:

1. Enhanced Media Forwarding: When forwarding media with captions, you can choose to keep, delete, or rewrite the caption, providing additional context when sharing photos between chats.

2. Captions for Photos and Videos: Add captions to photos and videos when forwarding them, making it easier to convey information.

Sharing Documents with Captions:

Now, you can add captions to documents before sharing them, allowing for better context and understanding when sharing articles, work documents, and more.

These updates are gradually rolling out globally and will be available to all users in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for these exciting new features on WhatsApp.

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